John Lennon predicted Trump’s presidency in unreleased 1980 song

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A revelation that Trumps belief – John Lennon sagely predicted Trumps presidency, only months before his death 

Only months before Beatle-legend John Lennon was murdered outside his home in New York, he penned a song that has remained unreleased ever since – until today. And no, unfortunately the entire song has not been released in musical form, but extracts from the lyrics have been uncovered – and what they say – will shock many. It just so happens that the song isn’t only a poetic illustration of the human condition – as most of Lennon’s songs were – but this song is also dripping with a prophetic quality. The song seems to definitely predict Donald Trumps presidency: ”and when the high rise of New York gets you high beyond belief
when it’s the builder, not the prophet, that is commander in chief.
Cleanse yourself in a greedy shower
When the President lives in Trump Tower.”

These lines seem to undeniably predict that Donald Trump would become the President – 37 years ahead of time! This prediction comes along with a slew of similar ones from years past, among them, a The Simpsons episode from 2000 wherein Trump becomes president. The song, which is called ”Park Ducks on Ice”, in its recorded form will not be released until 2019 when a licensing contract expires, but the lyric sheet will be available to the public shortly.

The John Lennon estate is yet to comment on this bizarre prophecy that came true on Friday, and are yet to illuminate us on what Lennon actually thought of President Trump in the 70’s and 80’s.

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